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How to Sell Your Art to Interior Designers

At the time, I was overjoyed when I discovered selling my work was also a lot of fun and fascinating since it enables you to do what you enjoy: creating art. You will know how to market your work after you have mastered the skill and are putting out your best effort at it.

It is a big market for interior design, and there is always a need for new art to satisfy that needed. You lack years of expertise or training does not matter when you discover the art that interior designers are searching for. They will become repeat customers if your style fits well with their design taste. In other words, how can you get a foothold in this business, sell your paintings to interior designers, and get more visibility?


1.   Focus on Trends

When consumers look back at previous design fads, they wonder what is new in the industry now. Designers rather than producers meet consumer demands. They are adapting to shifting preferences. Most fashion designers are pressed to develop new color schemes and design aesthetics for each new collection. When it comes to becoming a designer, you have to be different from the crowd. Designers are looking for new ways to express themselves that go beyond fashion trends or a signature style. They are considering the big picture.

When Living Coral was chosen as this year’s Pantone hue, everything from paint and bedding to carpets and sofas changed to reflect its use in 2019. Designers often seek art that complements but does not match interior design trends. If you are aware of this, you will be able to make art that complements current trends.

2.   Create Portfolio

No one knows what an interior designer wants or how many items they need until they start working on a project. It is usually a good idea to provide an interior designer with a large selection of options. Use a method or process that enables you to sell extensive works at a reduced cost while still making a significant profit. You may want to try exhibiting interior designers smaller pieces or sets that, when displayed together, make a statement.

The portfolio of a visual artist differs from that of an interior designer. To be successful, you must market yourself as a creative person. Doing well as an artist is more than just uploading photos and artwork to your online portfolio. Visual artists are not amateurs, and they operate uniquely since they must rely on their creativity and skill to achieve their goals. They tend to give more consideration to what they produce as a result of this.

3.   Where to Sell Interior Design

Interior designers in the United States are always trying to improve their abilities and skills to provide their customers with exactly what they desire. Their focus on the smallest of details sets them apart from the competition. To put it another way, an interior designer can help you turn a drab area into a stunning one. As a result, many individuals believe that hiring an interior designer is the best option. One of the most critical parts of home remodeling is finding the perfect match for each space. People who can make a home seem attractive and welcoming instead of drab and uninteresting.

4.   Look at your customer style.

Metals, stone, wood, and ceramics are common materials used by contemporary designers. The appearance will be softer and warmer if these materials are used. On the other side, Art Deco gives an air of order and precision to the surroundings while Country style offers a more personal touch. Some of these factors should be taken into account while choosing interior designers’ styles.

Researching interior designers and their styles before contacting them is a typical activity. It would help if you discovered a designer whose style fits yours before hiring them. For more information, visit their websites and check whether their style leans toward contemporary minimalism or a monochrome appearance. Refocus your offer on the work they have chosen to include in their online portfolios. Sweeping landscape pictures or brash abstract paintings as their only source of inspiration? The art you provide should go well with their design.

5.   Make Social Media Strong

Using social media to sell paintings is an excellent concept. It is very well-liked while also posing specific difficulties. You’ll find a lot of assistance from the internet. Selling art online may be made more accessible by using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with potential customers. You may do this on several different websites. All you have to do is choose one and sign up. Interior designers are certainly keeping up with the latest trends in social networking, rapidly becoming the new location to discover art online, especially on Instagram. Many people say they find out musicians via social media sites like Facebook.

6.   Pricing Your Art

However, the bread and butter of interior designers are often upper-middle-class residential customers, banks, corporate offices, and model houses. Interior art consulting. They work on a wide variety of projects. Some people choose to focus their efforts exclusively on one field. Others are open-minded takers of anything.

7.   Being Flexible Makes Sales

You may be asked whether you are willing to leave a piece of your valuable artwork “on approval” to show the client if you contact designers and exhibit your art in person. Of course, you will leave an invoice requesting the return of the artwork in the same condition in which you found it within a certain period.

8.   Reach Out to Interior Designers

The work of interior designers and that of great painters are inextricably linked. As a result, do not be scared to seek out someone who can help you finish your job. A lot depends on how much effort you have put in ahead of time.

Your website or Artwork Archive Public Profile Page is a good place to start after you have narrowed down the designers you want to work with. Alternately, contact them and inquire if they need any artwork. You could consider dropping in on them at work and sharing some artwork you think they had like.

Final Thought

There are many methods to locate designers with whom you wish to collaborate. Going online is a great option. Another option is to seek the advice of close friends and family members. Ask someone you know for a recommendation if they have one. This is the quickest and most straightforward route. You may use free classified advertising in your area or paid online directories to find what you are looking for. Once you have chosen the appropriate designer, do not be afraid to talk to them about your project; they will be glad to offer you their honest opinion. Wellness Choosing designers with whom to collaborate is simple; however, finding the perfect one is tricky.



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